Water Zone

Our thermal water: a concentration of health and relaxation
Water Zone is an environment where you can take a break, a light, vivacious and joyful moment.

We have two thermal swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor, which are communicating. The water temperature is maintained constant between 33/34°C year-round.

The hydro massage and the cervical cascade improve the muscle relaxing effects of the water, massaging and toning the body.

The hyper thermal water in our pools is the salt water-bromine-iodine type, which is particularly mineral. Its heat combined with its composition guarantee from the first bath an important relaxing and contraction relieving effect on tense muscles. The relaxation is reflected from the body to the mind.

The relaxation area is poolside: comfortable chaise lounges with soft cushions, where you can lie to prolong the pleasantly relaxing sensation, to read a book or make new friends.

Water Zone has an area with a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, frigidarium and emotional shower: it is for detox and toning. Thermal steam and heat in the sauna help you eliminate toxins; the frigidarium and the emotional shower will give a toning boost to your body, as well as venous and lymphatic system.

Thermal water and health
Immersion in thermal pools is indicated for recovering joint movement that has been limited due to osteoarthritis disease, in the therapy for spinal column disturbances, in the treatment of traumas and fractures in post-op rehabilitation, followed by a physical therapist.

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