Aesthetic Medicine

Erase the signs of time … as fast as an injection!

Facial filler

Fillers are substances which are injected and fill, temporarily or long-term, wrinkles and marks that may come with age; they support the soft tissues improving the aesthetics.

Fillers are used in aesthetic medicine to soften wrinkles and deepening expression lines, to recover the shape of facial lines which have lost tone, to model the profile, shape or give volume to lips and return their turgidity.

Facial biorivitalization

This soft treatment is well suited as a part of total skin rejuvenation programs which can be performed in a clinic. This treatment consists of injecting perfectly biocompatible and reabsorbable substances through very thin needles, to the dermis level.

They rebalance the normal physiology, stimulate and reactivate the most vital part of the skin, the papillary (superficial) region .

Aesthetical mesotherapy

The endodermal injection of pharmacologically active substances works on the circulation, draining liquids and stimulating the change of adipocytes. A series of microinjections of pharmaceutical products are performed, generally with action that is lipolytic (fat burning), vascular trophic (for a better functioning of blood and lymph vessels) and draining. The choice of the treatment is agreed upon with the aesthetical doctor who, after a preliminary medical check, will be able to give you advice on the program that will allow you to reach the best results.


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