Sport and Thermae

Sports in nature
Trails in the greenery

There are countless paths and trails that coast these hills and penetrate the Mediterranean maquis of brooms and holm oaks or forests of oaks, locusts and chestnuts. Along old vineyards and olive groves, on foot or by mountain bike, you can rediscover the peace and quiet of nature, interrupted only by animals that inhabit these places, such as deer, foxes, squirrels, hawks or owls.

By bicycle to discover the territory

For fans of two wheels Abano Terme and the surrounding territory are full of bike paths that coast old canals and waterways such as from Padua-Chioggia, where the ancient road of salt and sugar runs or the ring road of the Euganean Hills (64 km), which goes along the perimeter of the hills. Roads that permit pleasant deviations in medieval towns, castles, monasteries, abbeys, villas, and much more. Just a few kilometers from Abano is the Abbey of Praglia, with its cloisters and charming environments that you can discover accompanied by a Benedictine monk. If you get a bit hungry along the road, you can stop at one of the myriad of farmhouses to taste new yet typical flavors of Veneto cuisine or enjoy a good glass of wine at one of the historic wineries in the area.

Playing golf amid idyllic landscapes

Nature is also marvelous at the three different golf courses (18 and 27 holes) created inside historic parks of important patrician villas, among centuries-old trees, waterways and lakes, green fields and shady woods. Here you will find the most beautiful golf courses in Italy, as well as stimulating, where obstacles have been skillfully arranged to make your game increasingly exciting


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