Abano Terme and the Euganean Hills

Abano and Montegrotto create the largest and oldest thermal basin in Europe and since ancient Roman times have been the ideal place for relaxing and rediscovering inner harmony and balance.
But not only: in Abano you can also walk in the greenery of the Thermal Urban Park or in the pedestrian area and go shopping in the boutiques and stores that sell typical local products. Or enjoy a spritz or refreshing cocktail at one of the many bars in the town center, perhaps even listening to some music or letting yourself go on the dancefloor.
Abano surrounded by the marvelous amphitheater of the Euganean Hills

Abano Terme is at the center of a natural paradise, the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, consisting of over 81 gentle hills, which dot the sunny Veneto plains. Enchanted and fairy-tale places, loved and praised for their beauty by great poets and writers such as Petrarch, Byron, Shelley, Chatwin… and soon even by you!

Finding the splendor of Venice in the Veneto Villas

A lifetime is not long enough to see all of them: they are almost 4,000 Veneto Villas that dot our region, making it unique worldwide. Stately residences that bring the splendor of Venice to the terra firma, yet also sober homes where you can spend your time reading and relaxing your mind, or villa-farmhouses born as agricultural production centers. Each villa is its own world, designed by great architects such as Palladio or made precious by master painters such as Tiepolo.  Just a few steps from Abano is Catajo, an enormous castle, whose rooms are home to the ghost of Lucrezia degli Obizzi, or Villa Barbarigo with the Garden of Valsanzibio, voted one of the most beautiful parks in Italy. Villa dei Vescovi, in Luvigliano di Torreglia, is the most important pre-Palladian house in the Veneto. It was built in 1535, on an embankment of the Euganean Hills as the summer residence for the then bishop of Padua. The villa is owned by FAI – Italian Environment Fund – and has been reopened in June 2011, after five years of renovation work .

Experiencing the medieval festivals in the walled cities

Monselice, where in the castle among the armory, medieval kitchen and frescoed walls wander ghosts and disturbing presences, chased away by the sounds of duelling swords and tambourines of people who animate the castle on starry summer evenings. Este, the oldest city in the region, but also with its castle and walls, which hold concerts and flower events (Este in bloom). Montagnana, with its intact wall, host the famous Palio each year with 10 municipalities, who fiercely challenge each other to win the precious drape


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