Against backache

Thermal water and mud against backache
The Euganean Thermal Basin is the most important and vast thermal oasis in Europe for mud therapy. Known for the therapeutic abilities of thermal water and mud since Roman times, which there are many traces of, it is a place for health and recovering psychophysical wellness.

Mud and water from the Euganean thermal baths act better than anti-inflammatory medicine to treat arthritis and spondylitis, better known as inflammatory “backache”. A widespread disease with high social impact.

The peculiarity of water and mud from the Euganean thermal area makes these treatments particularly suitable for rheumatic diseases of the locomotory apparatus, which are the most frequent chronic diseases.

For the first time the short-term and long-term benefits of mud and thermal baths are shown in a form of “backache” of the inflammatory kind, very invalidating, which often strikes young patients due to viruses causes or lifestyles, habits, behavior, or posture.

The patients who use mud-balneotherapy treatments in the Euganean baths have significantly improved in 100% of the cases treated, that continues for the following six months and this has consented the drastic reduction in painkillers for backache.

The efficaciousness of Euganean thermal treatments permits improving the quality of life and alleviating painful forms, with a reduction in the use of pharmaceuticals, for at least six months after finishing the thermal cycle.

The preciousness of the waters of the Abano Terme thermal basin
The water in the Abano Terme thermal basin is so precious due to its origin: it starts from Mount Lessini in the Pre-Alps and flows underground through the limestone rock at a depth of thousands of meters. It reaches the Euganean Thermal Basin after years of slow travel, during which it’s enriched by precious minerals and gushes out from our spring at a temperature of about 87°C.

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