Dietary Treatment

As Hippocrates said, “Let your food become your remedy”.
What we eat is very important for our balance because food is a pleasant energy source.

Let’s have a look at our plates: what's this food like? It's a combination of proteins, mineral salts, sugars, fats, vitamins, dietary minerals and also a recharge of heat and vital energy which are necessary to the body. But what else?

A medicine (as Hippocrates said: "because food is your remedy"), but also a potential poison! In this case, the energy that we would draw from the food is not a "clean" one, but it will intoxicate us, causing many pathological symptoms and disorders as for example food allergies (nettle-rush, skin and bone inflammation, respiratory and digestive disorders, and much more).

Every "human organism" system should draw from food only useful and compatible information (nourishment); often instead, the body draws incompatible information, without its knowing it.

A disease will be the symptom of this incompatibility. In fact, the allergic (not compatible) food (energy) is seen from the "human body computer" as a stranger, a danger, and a stressor.

What follows can be a defense reaction (vomit, diarrhea.) or the excess of defense (with the involvement of the immune system) and the "almost defense" (food intolerances, food sensibility or pseudo-allergies).


Knowing which food "clean energy" we eat (everybody has a unique profile) and our tolerances to them can allow us to preserve or to recover health and precious vital energy.

The doctor will suggest the right diet for every guest, choosing among hypo caloric diets, purification diets, and food combining.

The particular medical treatments and other therapies contribute to the attainment of extraordinary results, obtainable with a weekly stay. Finally, the diet offered by the Hotel guarantees rapid and real detoxifying effects and, in case of intolerances or particular problems are discovered with the first diagnosis, it allows the elaboration of highly personalized alimentary experiences.

Our guests can ask for an appointment with our doctor for a specific check up with diagnostic test for food intolerances, to continue the dietetic experience once at home.


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