Thermae: Natural thermal therapy

Mud therapy: the most effective treatment for saying good-bye to pain
Aged mud is not simple clay: it is born through a slow aging process of 2-3 months that takes place in special basins. It is here that the anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapeutic principles are developed, which make the mud unique.

The aged mud is evenly distributed on the skin surface of the interested areas at a temperature of about 40°C. On a local level, there is intense skin vasodilatation and progressive muscular relaxation. On a general level, the thermal stress acts by freeing the hormones – cortisol and endorphins –, which produce an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

The short-term benefits, already present at the end of a therapeutic cycle (at least 6 sessions, better 10-12), are pain relief, muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory, with consequent stimulation and improvement of the joint and periarticular structures.
Instead, the long-term effects during the months after treatment, are related to the prevention of relapses and slowing down the progression of the degenerative form treated, generally osteoarthritis.

Thermal treatments are provided every morning from Monday to Saturday inclusive, excluding Sundays.


European Patent

Anti-inflammatory active ingredients in the Euganean thermal mud bath
The European Patent No. 1571203 protects and guarantees the presence in thermal mud of numerous active ingredients, naturally produced during the ageing process when correctly regulated. Scientific research at the Pietro d’Abano Thermal Studies Center, owner of the patent, has allowed identifying them and shown the efficaciousness in treating chronic and degenerative inflammatory pathologies, in particular of osteoarticular origin.

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